Michael Kallet


Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Business Today

Summary: Critical Thinking has become a highly sought after skill and is quickly evolving to become a mandatory skill for everyone, and especially leaders. This instant everywhere world we live in is continuously evolving. Competition has increased, customization is expected, and events happen and are communicated at light speed. While processes and procedures minimize errors, they can’t change fast enough to adequately accommodate today’s environment, nor are they nimble enough to tackle the onslaught of variations. It is Thinking that allows us to reach the next level of excellence, a higher level of leadership, and a more successful future.

We make thousands of conscious decisions each day, from what pair of shoes to wear, to what to eat for dinner. Most of these decisions are relatively unimportant, and it doesn’t really matter if they are not optimal. However, several times a day we make decisions that really do matter, such as which candidate to hire, or how to provide feedback to an employee, or what to say to an unhappy customer, or a strategic decision that sets a direction for years to come. For these important decisions, a mistake can be very costly. Critical Thinking is a toolset that can be used to improve those important decisions. Mike Kallet, CEO Headscratchers, critical thinking instructor and coach, will present a framework for critical thinking and how to apply these tools for better decision making in the business world of today.


Michael Kallet founded HeadScratchers in 2004 with the goal to help business professionals become better problem solvers and decision makers, i.e. Headscratchers. He created the curriculum and delivered hundreds of critical thinking workshops to thousands of people. Courses include: - Critical Thinking for Problem Solving and Decision Making (Core, Core+Advanced) - Critical Thinking for Supervisors, Managers and Leaders - Advanced Critical Thinking and Innovation - Critical Thinking Deep Dives - HeadScratchers facilitates a critical thinking session with an intact team to work on specific business issues. Kallet is an expert in the critical thinking field and is a critical thinking trainer, coach, and authored “Think Smarter - Critical Thinking to Improve Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills”. (2014) published by Wiley, and sold by Amazon, Barnes and Noble and every major book reseller worldwide. Mike has been a Keynote speaker and has presented critical thinking speeches and webinars for multiple functions and conferences including; Telecommunications nationwide board of directors; YMCA national meeting; Multiple corporate, marketing and sales kickoffs; and ATD and PMI conferences. Prior to forming HeadScratchers, Kallet was a technology and operations senior executive with 25 years of experience in leading teams that created numerous award winning products and services spanning computer and communications technologies and markets. At ICG Communications, Netcom and Software Publishing Corporation, Mike lead the development and operational implementation of VoicePipeTM, a VoIP Hosted Service; NetCompleteTM Product Line, an early leading service in the internet business; Harvard Graphics™, Harvard Draw™, and First Graphics™, Picture Perfect™ and Diagraph™. Kallet held positions in systems software groups at IBM in his early career and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.